3 most important changes YOU can do to heal your back. Attitude

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Have you ever thought that we are so conditioned to rely on a medical advice for any health issue that we forget about personal responsibility for our own health? Somehow we think that there is always a magic pill, or a new type of high-tech surgery, or some kind of medical procedure that can restore our health without any effort on our part.

For many of us, making a deliberate effort to stay healthy seems to be quite a foreign concept, or something that only health nuts are concerned about. Granted, many people get a physical examination, mammograms, and other tests once a year. But these measures are only preventative in a sense that they allow to detect a health issue rather than prevent it at the first place. And if health issue is detected, here is the medication or a surgery.

Doctors rarely talk about life style changes. As a matter of fact, I heard many of them saying that diet, for example, does not make any difference, unless a person is overweight, that is. But life style changes may be the most important factor in improving the quality of life. People often seem to forget about the importance of it. And by quality I don’t mean possessions, luxury homes, expensive restaurants, electronic gadgets, or indulging in favorite but bad-for-you foods.

If a person wakes up in a morning without any aches or pains and full of energy and enthusiasm for life, that’s quality of life. If after 50 you don’t need reading glasses, don’t have artificial knees, hips, or pacemakers, don’t take any prescription medications and can easily walk for 3-5 miles every day, that’s quality of life. If you need to go to a doctor only for your physical every two years or so, that’s quality of life. If you fit into the same clothes you had 20 years ago and like what you see in the mirror, that’s quality of life.

If you think it’s not achievable, that’s your choice. But this is where the change in attitude comes in. If you take the responsibility and realize that the person who cares about your health the most is you, if you realize that medications and surgery are not going to heal you but only improve your symptoms, you will be on a right track.

With ever increasing cost of healthcare, you might not be able to afford expensive treatments later on. Change your attitude from “no matter what I do, a doctor can always rescue me” to “I am responsible for my health and can and will make positive changes to improve it“.  This may be the most important decision of your life.

Start with small changes. Get yourself a Pain Free book, make dietary changes, go for a walk instead of watching TV or staring at your PC screen, get yourself a yoga DVD. You can change the quality of life at any age.

I am planning to start the whole series of articles on how to make the most profound life styles changes consistently and successfully.

Thanks for reading! Stay active, live pain free.



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Natalia Dashkovskaya

Natalia Dashkovskaya

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