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Danger: Sharp Thoracic Curve Ahead That Will Throw Out Your Back and Your Retirement. Part 2

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To move your bowels, move your body

The lining of all organs of our digestive system is made of smooth muscle tissue. These muscles contract and move in waves in order to move food downward.

In his book “The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion”, Pete Egoscue talks about the enormous role that motion plays in a digestive process. For proper elimination, fiber alone is not enough. In order to move the food down we must move.

Digestion transit time increases when the body’s movement decreases. It is one of the reasons that doctors urge their hospitalized patient out of bed as soon as possible. Weak muscles cannot properly support our motion-dependent digestive and elimination process. Constipation, weight gain, and hemorrhoids are the immediate and most common results.

When we walk, run, bend and twist during the course of the day the consumed food is pushed downward to its final destination. The process is roughly 70 percent mechanical. The rest is chemistry, gravity, and diet.

The slower waste product move through the body, the higher is risk of toxic residues leaching out into the internal organs. There is mounting evidence that the high incidence of colon cancer in the United States is not exclusively a matter of diet.

These health issues do not happen overnight. That’s why it’s so important to pay close attention to the posture – our early-warning system that shows if we are on the right track.

Don’t believe for a minute that postural dysfunction is inevitable in your retirement years. Our musculoskeletal system reacts immediately to a positive stimulus and the sooner you address your postural health the longer you’ll be enjoying a functional and healthy body.

Stay tuned. Next post will be about the devastating financial effects of the dysfunctional posture to your retirement.

Be active, live pain free.

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Natalia Dashkovskaya

Natalia Dashkovskaya

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