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Tucked Pelvis – How You Can Fix This Unhealthy Habit

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Tucked pelvis was the topic of my last post. I am sure that many of my readers recognized this unhealthy habit by looking into the mirror. Now you probably wonder whether or not you can do anything about it.

In order to fix the tucked pelvis you have to restore your whole body alignment. You have to change the way you position your body during the day and incorporate special daily exercises. Just be warned – no quick fixes! You need to change the way you live. Literally. You also would need to pay attention to the type of shoes you wear.
Side effects – you will feel better and look younger.

While the best way to fix the tucked pelvis is to work with a posture alignment specialist, there are a few things you can do on your own. With these few practical recommendations you can start the process of moving into better health and good looks right away.

  1. Recognizing you have an issue is a first step. To see if you have a tucked under pelvis, do a sideways mirror test. Compare your posture to the first picture below.
  2. Get the gravity center to where it belongs. It means switching the weight of your body off your toes (tucked pelvis) and into your heels. Consciously pay attention where your pelvis is during the day.
    If you want to fix the tucked pelvis – un-tuck it. Try this very simple move (you can also watch it on youtube):

    Simple move to address the tucked pelvis habit

  • Stand with your feet parallel, hip-width apart, sideways towards full size mirror. Notice if you have a tucked pelvis.
  • Slightly bend your knees, keeping the lower leg strictly vertical to the ground and pushing your butt back.
  • Your weight should transfer mostly to your heels.
  • Now straighten the knees but keep a slight crease in your groin – your tailbone will stay behind your spine. If you now draw an imaginary line between your ankle, middle of the knee, and middle of your hip, it should be perpendicular to the ground. Now you don’t have the tucked pelvis anymore. This is where your body should stay at all times.
  • The upper body should change its position as well. While keeping your pelvis un-tucked, check your rib cage. It should be in line with the front of your body, not pushed forward.
  • Roll your shoulders, one at the time, slightly forward, up, and settle it back by bringing each shoulder blade down.
  • Now adjust your neck position by bringing your chin down and slightly pushing the head back. You should feel the back of the neck elongating.
  • Check yourself in the mirror again. Now you will look much closer to the correct standing position:

    Simple Move To Un-Tuck Pelvis (see it on Youtube)
  1. You have to change the way you position your body 24/7. The best way to learn to properly sit, stand, bend, and sleep is to attend a class. Email me if you are interested in attending a Posture Habits workshop.
    You will get notified when I teach one either in August or September.
  2. Stop wearing heels. Any heels – even when they are considered reasonable. The moment you elevate the heel, the center of gravity moves closer to your toes and you get a tucked pelvis. Not good.
    As a somewhat vertically challenged woman (I am only 5’2”), I know how painful this idea is. You may feel that THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT AND CRUEL requirement. We are conditioned to think that beauty is associated with long legs – read ‘high heels’. However, I believe our health is an order of magnitude more important. For more motivation, read Katy Bowen’s book “Every woman’s guide to foot pain relief”.
    Start wearing no-heel shoes with flexible soles. If you decide to change into Vibrams, you may initially use a ¾ length flexible insert for an arch support if you are pronated. Eventually, after strengthening your arches, you will not need an arch support. Despite all the controversy surrounding Vibrams, their shoes are NOT in fault. Our feet are.
    But do not throw out you heeled shoes right away – I am not THAT cruel.  If needed, you can wear them OCCASIONALLY for a few hours at the time. Look at them as means to “spice up” your outfit for a special occasion, not a daily wear. But, please, please educate yourself. The false sense of looking better in stilettos is NOT WORTH your suffering from musculoskeletal issues.
  3. Add minimum 3 miles of daily walk and natural movement to your busy schedule. It does not have to be the consecutive 3 miles, do shorter walks to add them up. Remember,  this is crucial for your overall health.
  4. If you want to try postural exercises, register to get a FREE pdf file with 12 Awesome Posture Exercises.

 Be Upright. Be Happy. Live Pain Free.

Learn here how YOU can restore your posture at my Upright Posture Fitness Studio in Hudson, MA

 Questions? Let’s Talk!

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