Why special posture fitness is needed?
When a posture is out of alignment, many activities will strengthen imbalances and may cause more harm than good in a long run.

It is not the activity itself (yoga, running, weight training, skiing, basketball, etc.) that causes the damage, but a misaligned posture that allows damage to occur.

You need to improve your posture first—just enough to become more functional and then enjoy other activities without pain or fear of injuries.

My role as a Postural Alignment Specialist is to identify individual postural deviations and create a corrective fitness program with exercises that will restore lost muscle functions and improve posture.

The Upright Posture Fitness program is not a quick fix and it will take some time, effor,t and commitment on your part to undo years of incorrect muscle movements.

Your back problems started long time ago; your muscles and joints were underused and misused for quite a while. You know there is no magic pill to eliminate back problems and medications merely cover up the pain and does not address muscular weakness and compromised posture.

Educating a client is a crucial part of the treatment process. The ultimate goal for you, as a client, is to be able to take responsibility for your own health. Your commitment is essential. If you want lasting results, you must do your daily exercises.

Your commitment will not only help with your pain, but will realign your posture, retrain your muscles, and restore your body functional movement.

The good news is that, at any age, a proper posture fitness program can retrain muscles and lost functions can be restored—and it does NOT take the same amount of years that it took for these muscle to lose their function.

Check the Services and FAQ pages for detailed information about who will benefit from the program, cost, length of the program, and what happens during the appointment.

Experience life without back problems and aching joints with simple and effective posture fitness of individualized routines  that anyone can do!

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