Posture pictures taken in a course of several months tell a story of posture therapy success or failures. Here are a couple of before and after posture pictures of my clients, as well as my own example.

1. A 63 y.o. woman with a life-long history of scoliosis. Look at the changes in her postural alignment after only 40 days of doing  posture therapy. You can read her full testimonial here.

Before and after pictures of woman with scoliosis

 2. Before and after posture pictures of a woman in her early 50s after six months of posture therapy. While her alignment is not perfect by any means, it is significantly better than when she started.

When I transferred the “after” posture pictures from the camera to the computer (while the client was sitting next to me), she was very surprised to see such noticeable changes in her upper back. This woman made a fascinating comment: if she were not watching me to load her posture pictures right next to her, she would have had hard time believing I did not embellished them using a Photoshop.


3. Below are the posture pictures of me before and after doing my own exercise menu. They were literally taken an hour apart. On the first picture, you can see how uneven the dimples on my low back are. I always experience discomfort in my right hip if I do any gluteal exercises BEFORE my postural menu.

The second picture shows a change in the low back right after I did my posture exercises. I was not surprised to see the improved pelvis position, but was really surprised to see the change in my right foot. You can see how collapsed the foot is on the left and how much straighter it is on the right picture. My right knee and femur position also improves. While not perfect, it is not as internally rotated as on the first picture.


I honestly do not know how long my improved pelvis-knee-ankle alignment lasts after I do these exercises. I still sit too much and don’t have time to do the variety of movement in a course of a day. I know that results of posture therapy are cumulative.

I have to do my exercises daily. If I skip a day or two, I feel very different. I start experience right hip discomfort that forces me to resume my posture exercises right away.


That said, my posture has significantly improved in the course of the last 5 years or so. I used to have very rounded upper back and a chronic shoulder pain. I don’t have those issues anymore. I believe that as years go by my posture will become even better, instead of deteriorating. It is a very inspiring goal that keeps me motivated in what I do.


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