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Is Perfect Posture Essential To Be Pain Free?

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Can we have a  perfect posture?

As a Posture Alignment Specialist, I am often asked if it is possible to achieve and maintain a perfect posture.
Sure, it is possible – if you can revert to a completely different way of living!

Let’s face it – our modern life is not even remotely close to the lifestyle of hunters-gatherers. Or even a lifestyle that people had 100 years ago.
There is no way we can incorporate hours of the intense and varied physical activities that our ancestors engaged in their daily life and that our bodies need to achieve a perfect posture. But we could and should make changes to the the way we move 24/7.

Do I need a perfect posture to live pain free?

Is it necessary to have an ideal alignment to be functional, to look good, and live active, pain free life?

While it is great to strive for perfection, it is not a main goal of a posture therapy.
Small changes in postural alignment bring big results.

The functional body is a body that allows us to perform all our daily activities easily, effectively, and without hurting ourselves.

These activities include walking, sitting (a lot of muscles are involved in this process), doing house chores, gardening, parenting activities, and exercising (maybe).

Whatever it is you do during the day should be easy and pain free.

How to achieve a better posture?

Start with educating yourself. There are number of books on postural alignment, get a few.

I recommend Pete Egoscue “Pain Free Method“, Martha Peterson “Move Without Pain“, and Katy Bowman “Move Your DNA”.

Since you are the ultimate expert in what works or does not work for you, you have to choose what approach appeals the best for you. Or you can combine all of them.

Continue with actually doing the recommended activities and not just planning to do them later.
Now is the time to start.

Find a posture specialist if you cannot achieve the desired results with books only.

Move, move, and move. You don’t need a gym to incorporate more motion in your daily life. Use your office chair for a 5-minute office therapy.


Walk a few minutes outside, jump a rope, run with your kids, get on your floor and crawl, throw a ball, walk up the stair instead of using an elevator, dance – anything helps.

Remember, small changes  bring big results.

Progress is More Important than Perfection

If you decide to invest in professional posture therapy remember that your active participation is the key to success.
Your main goal would be to learn how to help yourself and stay on the right track forever.

You may never be able to achieve the Greek sculpture alignment but you will significantly improve the quality of your life.
Progress in this case is more important than perfection.


Be Upright. Be Happy. Live Pain Free.

Your friendly Posture Alignment Specialist trained at the Egoscue University

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Natalia Dashkovskaya

Natalia Dashkovskaya

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