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Chances are you have never heard of posture therapy or someone may have mentioned it to you and you are not sure what it is or whether it is a right fit for you.

You can find out more by scheduling FREE 30-minute consultation that includes a free posture evaluation (in-person consultations only).

The best way to contact me is via e-mail:

If you decide that this posture alignment therapy is right for you, we will schedule an initial visit:

One-on-One Sessions

Initial visit: 90 minutes – 2 hours
During this time, we will discuss what chronic pain, balance issues, or other symptoms you have and why you have decided to try this method.

After briefly going through your medical history and discussing movement limitations you may or may not have, I will create your posture evaluation. This includes taking photographs of functional tests and gait analysis to determine posture deviations causing pain.

The findings will be explained to you and based on my assessment, your individualized posture fitness program will be created. We’ll go through the whole routine together so you will learn how to do these E-cises correctly and address any questions you may have.

After your initial visit, I will email your photographs marked up with diagrams of your posture with any misalignments and postural concerns.
Along with your initial photos, you will receive what we call your “menu” that has instructions, descriptions, and visual examples of all the exercises you did during the visit.
Subsequent visits: 60–90 Minutes
We will discuss your experience with the exercises and, depending on your posture improvement, the following will happen:

Each menu consists of exercises that focus on certain misalignments, and some improvement needs to to be seen before we can move to the next routine.

Approximately every two to three visits, I will take new posture photos to track your progress and postural changes.

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