All the technology and advanced medical science together cannot fix you up and keep you upright without your active participation. The method used at the Upright Posture Fitness studio combines the knowledge of a posture alignment specialist, trained and certified at the Egoscue University, with a client’s effort and feedback to develop the optimal posture restoration routine.


posture therapyPosture therapy is based on the fact that body alignment is ultimately connected to function—what we can or cannot do. If you have to make a conscious effort to stand straight your posture not only does not look good—your body does not function properly.

Posture therapy:

  • Gives you a tool to target the muscles that receive inadequate or improper motion.
  • Allows the body to move correctly and efficiently and stay upright without an effort.

How is it Done? What is the Tool?

Posture therapy improves body alignment by retraining the weakened and incorrectly used muscles with individually selected and specifically targeted postural exercises.

These exercises are a powerful tool because the body strives to be in a proper alignment, no matter how long it has been abused by dysfunctional stress and lack of proper motion.

Postural Exercises—What are They?

When the body is misaligned, the traditional exercises that people associate with going to the gym tend to reinforce and perpetuate the existing dysfunction.

New challenges demand new solutions. The goal of postural exercises is to restore postural misalignments first to allow a more active lifestyle later.
While many of these exercises were adopted from yoga and physical therapy, they are used differently. They work with the body as a unit, restoring its proper kinetic chain from head to toe.

Who Can Help Me To Get from Here to a Straighter Posture?

A postural alignment specialist (PAS) trained at the Egoscue University works with each client to design the corrective posture program that will address his/her specific postural deviations.

This is not a quick fix but a process that involves both a therapist and a client.

posture therapy method

A posture specialist certified at the Egoscue University will:

  • Perform a thorough posture evaluation first.
  • Select exercises that will be addressing the most noticeable postural deviations.
  • Help you to do all these exercises during the session and later email you the routine with detailed descriptions.

A client will:

  • Do these exercises daily.
  • Communicate changes, improvements, or pains so necessary adjustments can be made.


When Will I See a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

While I do not claim that this method will absolutely and completely correct all your postural deviations (although in some cases it might), I promise that you will feel, look, and function better in a few weeks.

Several visits are usually needed but if a client follows all the recommendations and does his/her daily routine, eventually, the posture is improved and many functions are restored.