Egoscue Pain Free Method books and exercises

Pete Egoscue has published several books to make people aware of his method. Before you decide if you should see a posture specialist alignment specialist trained at the Egoscue University, I recommend using the folowing resources.

In this book, Pete explainsPete Egoscue Pain Free book how our bodies become misaligned (sedentary life style being the major culprit) then he goes into much more detail.

We live in a motion starved society and need daily exercise routines to keep our musculoskeletal system happy and our postures aligned. Motion starved lifestyles lead to compromised postures, all sorts of back problems, and pain.


He provides very clear and practical recommendations on how to deal with the most common types of the musculoskeletal pain: feet, ankles, knees, hips, low back, upper back, neck, headaches, etc.

His exercises are easy—some are even hard to call exercises, like yoga, they are more like quiet, comfortable static positions. But don’t be fooled by perceived simplicity, exercises such as these are highly effective and you may be surprised that while it seems that you are doing nothing, you feel like you had a workout. You can also find exercise menus for athletes to do before and after their activities.

Pete Egoscue Health Through Motion bookIn this book, Pete explains the reasons for postural misalignments; how every person should be taking responsibility of his/her own health; and provides details of the Egoscue Method® as a plan of action.

Despite the fact of how many postural deviations exist, Pete claims there are only three major types of compromised posture.
He calls them Conditions I, II, and III.
A description of each condition is provided so that anyone can identify which of these conditions may apply to them. Then he provides an exercise menu for each condition.

He also describes a Condition IV which he calls the D-LUX condition. This applies to those with perfect posture and he has developed a menu to help maintain this posture.

Be aware that there are very few people in modern society that can claim to have a D-LUX posture. Try this, look at yourself in the mirror, if you do not immediatly recognize any postural deviations, ask yourself if you experience any musculoskeletal discomfort, whether it’s a little stiffness in the neck or any kind of pain…listen to your body and answer truthfully. If there is any discomfort, you are not D-LUX. The book suggests that you try out different E-cise menus to find the one that feels best. If the menus do not quite work but you feel that you are on the right track, you may want to find an Egoscue trained posture specialist near you.

There are two Egoscue Pain Free method exercise DVDs. They have exercises based 0n Pete Egoscue bestselling book “Pain Free”.

Egoscue Method exercise DVDVolume 1: For the Beginner

Focuses on proper alignment, posture, and muscle engagement.

The 45 minute workout is designed for those who do not exercise on a regular basis and can be accomplished by everyone regardless of age or ability.


With this workout, you will learn how easy it is to improve your body’s alignment, strengthen important postural muscles, and add the flexibility necessary to help rid yourself of the pain that can make daily life a challenge.

Volume 2: For Advanced Users
Incorporates the most effective Egoscue E-cises into one challenging, easy-to-follow workout.

The 40 minute program is recommended for anyone in good physical condition or currently in an exercise program. However, even if you are in a very good shape, I still recommend starting with Volume 1. You’ll be surprised how good it feels after. Do Volume 1 for a couple of weeks and then progress to a volume 2. We are all beginners when it comes to a proper posture alignment.

Use Volume 2 menu to further improve your posture alignment and active muscle engagement that will help eliminate your pain.


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