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Restoring Your Posture, Improving Your Appearance,
Enhancing Physical Function, and Eliminating Chronic Pain

Real testimonials from real people:

nataliaPosture restoration is my passion and I know posture therapy works.
I see significant improvements with my clients again and again.
This is why I want share with you an opportunity to experience the real benefits of posture therapy for yourself.
I firmly believe that YOU can get the same results.
To prove it, I am going to give you the following 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


If you decide t100 Satisfaction Guaranteeo try a 3-visit new client special offer you will get:

  1. FREE 30 MINUTES of phone or Skype consultation BEFORE you come to my studio. This will give a chance to meet with me and decide if a posture therapy is a right thing for you.
  2. $50 savings of a regular price – if you come for all three visits.
  3. 80% of your money back – if after trying your first posture therapy routine for three weeks you decide that you do not want to continue.
    This is right:
    if you come for a first visit, try the exercises for full three weeks, and then for any reason whatsoever you do not want to continue, I’ll give you  $190 back. It means that even if  you change your mind, for only $50 you still will get:
  • 30 minutes of free consultation BEFORE you come to see me.
  • 90 minutes to two hours of  a posture therapy session in my studio.
    During this session I will:
    – perform a full posture evaluation and gait analysis;
    – discuss the reasons you may be experiencing chronic pain;
    – suggest a routine that will address the most noticeable postural misalignments;
    – guide you through all the exercises of your first menu.
  • After the session, you’ll get the detailed description (with pictures) of all the exercises of first posture therapy routine sent to your mail box.

This special offer will give you an opportunity to see for yourself the amazing benefits the posture therapy can bring to your life.
It will allow you to see how YOU can be in charge of your health and live pain free with simple but very effective exercises designed specifically for your musculoskeletal problems.

If YOU believe that you can make significant changes and determined to improve the quality of your life,
all you have to do is to fill out the form below to get:

special offer for new clients

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